ABM launches entrepreneurship club
UNVEILING: Seretse and Molefhi officially unveiling entrepreneurship club

Minister of Investment Trade and Industry Vincent Seretse this week told a newly launched ABM University College that business drives economy not politics.

Speaking at the launch themed ‘Raising a generation of Prosperous Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders’ Seretse said he made the realization whilst reading a book titled ‘Business Enterprise and Politics’.

He told attendants that contrary to popular belief, Batswana are an enterprising nation and cited the cattle post (moraka) as an example of such.

“If someone can raise cattle and make a success out of it, I don’t see why they cannot manage any other business,” he quipped.

“The college will use the club to keep in touch with its alumni and there is a contribution to a greater national goal developing and empowering our people to enable to take charge of their own futures,” he stated.

The minister also shared that the club finds direct relevance in the National Entrepreneurship policy and Strategy (NEPS) of 2016, which among others, implores Government, the private sector and not for profit sectors, to engender entrepreneurship by creating an enabling environment.

“Our ultimate aim as government is to build a core young entrepreneurial citizen who may actively participate in finding solutions to one of our national challenges, unemployment, which is consistent with the ABM University college slogan,” he said.

Speaking at the event, ABM Founder and Executive Director Daisy Molefhi said with the club, ABM promises to produce and mentor ten millionaires in the next ten years. A statement met by applause from attendants.

ABM alumni and Chairperson of the Entrepreneur Club, Ditiro Letebele said the club launch is a step towards creating the future of Botswana and Africa as a whole.

“The people we mentor at the club will be able to compete in the international market and I promise that all business ideas brought to the club will see the time of day,” he said, adding that Botswana’s business potential shall be unearthed.

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