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Abducted woman narrates her ordeal

Abducted woman narrates her ordeal

A night-out with friends turned horrific for a Kanye woman last week Wednesday when she got abducted, shot and nearly killed by two strange men after she asked for P10.00 to buy a drink at Tlhomo ward.

Injured and still visibly shaken, 22-year-old Sinah Fenyang Manoa told of how the two strangers that she met at The Ark night club in Kanye abducted and later abandoned her near Julia Molefhe clinic in Gaborone.

When narrating the chronicle of events that led to her ordeal, Manoa who now walks with the aid of crutches, confirmed that indeed she had asked for P10.00 from the two men and that one of them gave her the money and volunteered to buy her one beer.

She told The Voice that the man, whom she later learnt was the notorious Mogakolodi Adolphius Legae who is in the police wanted list, was an acquaintance of one of her friends who knew him as ‘Dolf’.

“My friend happily told me that more beer was yet to be bought as Dolf liked buying alcohol for young ladies while clubbing. After a while, Dolf signaled me and asked that we move from the club to a nearby bar,” said Sinah who seemed more frightened about the incident as she said the suspect had threatened to terrorize her family members.

She said Legae then asked her to spend a night with him and that she turned down the proposition before he started harassing her.

“He chased me around and forcefully demanded that I get inside his white Honda Fit. He even took my phone from me to answer every call that came through,” she said.

Abducted woman narrates her ordeal

Sinah revealed that along the way, her male friends phoned her but Legae insisted that she take him to them where upon arrival he accused them of stealing his girlfriend.

Sinah said Legae shot her on the right foot before kicking and cracking the door to her friends’ house.

“I tried to scream for help when my friends fled the scene, but Dolf grabbed my hand and dragged me to the car with blood gashing from my foot,” she said.

She said along the way, Legae who was armed with two loaded guns, kept threatening that he would kill and burn her body.

“On the way Dolf kept undressing himself and asked for sex from me, but he was prevented to do so by his friend who was driving the car,” she said.

Sinah’s elder sister, Peo Manoa (29), said that the family lives in fear as the suspect is said to be dangerous and has not been arrested by the police.

Speaking to The Voice, Kanye Police Station Commander, Mmoloki Mogale, confirmed that they have only arrested one suspect and that they have launched a manhunt for Legae.

Legae who was previously accused of raping a female BDF soldier is also wanted by the police for the recent robbery of Moshupa Choppies supermarket.