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AB pilot charged with threat to kill

AB pilot charged with threat to kill
ON BAIL: Keabetswe Sekgwama and second accused, Moeti Ngwako

Air Botswana Pilot, Keabetswe Sekgwama appeared in court this week facing two counts of threat to kill, one of assault and another of causing grievously bodily harm.

The court heard that on December 28th 2017, in Modipane village, Sekgwama pointed a gun at Mandla Moyo and threatened to shoot him, uttering the words (Fa o ka sia ke tla go phamphamolola. (If you run, I shoot you)

The 34-year-old pilot and two others, Moeti Ngwako and Obakeng Motswasele acting jointly together in agreement are also alleged to have beat up Moyo, breaking his arm in the process. Sekgwama is further accused of assaulting and threatening to kill Dithapelo Raditladi, a man who helped Moyo cut the accused’s farm fence.

A temporary farm labouer, it is alleged Moyo became a target of Sekgwama’s fury when the pilot refused to pay him for work he did on the farm.

When it was time for payment, Sekgwama allegedly started to question Moyo’s immigration status and refused to pay him.

The victim then decided to cut Sekgwama’s farm fence with the help of his friend Raditladi in revenge and Sekgwama retaliated with threats to kill followed by assault.

Defence attorney for the three accused men, Busang Manewe argued that his clients were arrested and detained without a warrant.

Manewe further stated that he made an urgent application with the High Court and the three were released only to be arrested again on January 1st for another threat to kill yet the charge sheet shows the offence was committed on the same day.

Extension II Magistrate, Lechani Woto however told Manewe to take his grievances back to High Court where he was given the court order.

Woto granted Sekgwama bail on condition that he binds himself with P3000 provide two sureties who will bind themselves with P1000 each, attend court on the set dates and not commit a similar offence.

Ngwako was also given bail and ordered to bind himself with P500 and provide two sureties while Motswasele was also released and ordered to bind himself with P2000, provide two sureties binding themselves with P1000 each.

The three were ordered to appear back in court for their next mention on April 09th.