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A year after the coup

A year after the coup
FFLASHBACK: Zimbos celebrating Mugabe's ouster

Around this time last year, the winds of changes were blowing swiftly through the country and many thought better days were coming, but alas.

Wednesday, November 14, marked exactly a year after former president Robert Mugabe’s fall from grace began to dramatically unfold in Harare.

Fast forward a year, the euphoria that marked Mugabe’s end of reign has long vanished, prompting one person to ask rhetorically, are we a cursed nation doomed to never enjoy economic stability?

Last month, after the government announced the new monetary policy and officially declared that the bond was no longer at par with the US dollar, things went haywire.

Fuel pumps ran dry, prices of basic commodities shot up and goods also disappeared from the shelves. Many feared the era of hyperinflation was upon us once again.

The situation has since normalised in terms of availability of goods but the prices are ‘killing’ the consumer as most items are way too expensive for the majority.

Belts have been tightened; they might have to be tightened further as there seems little hope that the situation will change for the better any time soon.

What is disheartening about our situation is that our leaders are so engrossed with self enrichment instead of working on reviving the economy.

The powers that be are also good in ‘more talk and less action’ and seem intent in going after the small fish which are allegedly sabotaging the economy leaving the sharks to continue growing fat.

This week, the government announced that President Emmerson Mnangangwa has used his powers to bring into effect a law that will see the arrest of illegal forex dealers.

Those caught face between four and 10 years in jail. Under this law, ill gotten wealth will also be confiscated.

If Mnangagwa is serious and genuine about curbing forex dealing, he must arrest the god fathers of this trade who have access to clean crisp notes which reach the streets still in reserve bank seals!

No ordinary man or woman can get bundles of cash straight from the reserve bank or normal banks, meaning that the street money changers are just at work while their bosses are seated comfortably in plush air conditioned offices.

Word on the street is that some of these big fish are cabinet ministers and high ranking government officials yet the President is turning a blind eye to this.

So until real saboteurs are brought to book and until some of his cronies lose their ill gotten wealth, some of us will always regard the talk of fighting corruption as a joke!

On a different note, the rift between Mnangagwa and Vice President Constatino Chiwenga seems to be widening. Indeed, it would hardly come as a surprise if in the near future we get a second dose of a coup.

Recently, Chiwenga was stripped of more powers, while a high court judge ruled that it was clear the Vice President had ordered the killing of civilians in the aftermath of July 31 elections in which six people lost their lives.

Under ‘normal’ Zanu PF or government circumstances, this wouldn’t have been said but the fact that Chiwenga has openly been blamed surely raises eyebrows.

While he may get away with it, this blunt ruling shows that something is certainly not right in the corridors of power; trouble is brewing.

Eish, life may be difficult in Zim but it’s certainly never dull!


  1. 1. No one country on the continent is reallly dealing with the issue of corruption because the very top are corrupt they cannot just resign from their positions GRACEFULLY. There always has to be some use of force to make the very top IN AUTHORITY to leave .

    2. How did the SADC allow a coup to happen questions need to be raised with the capability of this organisation.

    3. SADC Organisation do not seem to be assisting refugees/migrants i.e. people leaving their countries because there is conflict other issues etc. they seem to be a very weak Organisation

    4. Those organisations dealing with corruption are part of the Government in any african country they are not fully independent.

    5. The tendency by those at the very top in authority and many organisations they surround themselves with people that are close to them be it relatives, friends etc.

  2. The other question to be raised who appointed the commision of Inquiry to investigate the shootings of civilians during the elections. was it SADC ( It was their duty to appoint one) so it could be independent and allow ALL to appear on it incudling all from the very top??

  3. This is a latest news trending around the globe what an UNCIVILISED way to tell MPs to leave

    LATEST: MDC legislators kicked out of budget presentation; say beaten up by the police – Khumalo collapses, rushed to hospital
    22nd November 2018 Top Story, Trending, Uncategorised

    By Staff Reporter”

    THERE was drama at Parliament during Thursday’s 2019 budget presentation when the Speaker ordered opposition MDC legislators out of the House, resulting in clashes with the police as the MPs received to leave.

    One legislator was injured during the clashes and, as the MPs were trying to take her to an ambulance, party chairperson Tabitha Khumalo collapsed on the street.

    Khumalo and her colleague were then bundled into a waiting ambulance and taken to hospital.

    The MDC legislators did not stand up with the rest of the House as president Emmerson Mnangagwa entered for the presentation of the 2019 budget by finance minister Mthuli Ncube.

    Speaker Jacob Mudenda then ordered the opposition MPs to leave the House. They refused to budge resulting in the police being summoned to force them out.

    Meanwhile, outside Parliament building more riot police were summoned, including one water cannon along with the emergency services – an ambulance and one fire brigade truck.

    The opposition legislators later emerged from the building, helping along an injured colleague. They were defiant, saying they were not obliged to show Mnangagwa respect because he did not win the elections.

    The MDC has refused to accept its defeat in the July 30 elections, accusing the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) of manipulating the results in favour of Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF party.

    More to follow …”

  4. This is an example of a Commission of Inquiry that has many flaws- it should be TOTALLY INDEPENDENT AN NOT HAVE ANYONE ON BOARD THAT BELONGS TO A PARTY- questions need to be raised how it incuded people that belonged to a specific party

    “Motlanthe Commission Severely Exposes ZANU PF
    November 22, 2018

    Own Correspondent|The Kgalema Mothlante Commission into the post-election violence that occurred on August 1 has exposed the ruling party with former Zanu Pf Harare youth Chairperson Jim Kunaka claiming the commission was fake.

    Kunaka said this whilst giving evidence before the ongoing Commission.

    “It is surprising that Charity Manyeruke is seated among the Commissioners, she is a member of the ruling Zanu PF and holds a post in Mashonaland West, she is actually a Secretary in the province’s women’s league” claimed Kunaka

    Kunaka said he would not respond to any questions coming from Professor Charity Manyeruke because they planned together.

    “At the same time as I make my contributions, I am going to respond to some questions and will skip others but I will not take any questions from her (Manyeruke) because she was my boss and we would plan together on how to deal with the opposition.”