A test of friendship
(L-R): Malala & Kwambala

Whispers doing the rounds in the dark corners of Itekeng Ward in Area W suggest Councillor Lesego Kwambala may face a challenge in the form of Kabelo Malala at the BDP primaries.

The two gentlemen are bosom buddies and it came as a shock to most people to learn that Malala has decided to challenge his dear friend.

Although Malala has not made it official, sources close to him say he fancies his chances against one of the best performing councillors in Francistown.

Malala has always been at the centre of everything Kwambala did in the constituency, including the annual Dablas July (Kwambala Cup).

Shaya will be keeping a keen eye on these gentlemen’s relationship towards 2019 – let’s hope personal ambition doesn’t ruin a great friendship!

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