(1) WATCH YOUR HEAD: O’neal alighting from a Robinson 44 (2) FOLLOW ME: Zola, Fred and Debbie (3) LESSON ONE: Dipholo listens as Dave explains the logistics (4) PERFECT VIEW: Families admiring the East Rand landscape

I cherish every opportunity I get to leave my rented house in Gaborone to experience a totally new environment somewhere outside Botswana, especially if it’s an all expenses paid trip.

South African Tourism offered me just that last week, together with radio personalities Dollamarc, O’neal and Mmegi scribe Fred Kebadiretse.

The one thing I have always loved about Johannesburg is that the city never fails to give you that out of the world experience.

Having been to Joburg a couple of times and seen almost all the city has to offer, one activity in the itinerary caught my eye; helicopter flips in the Jozi sky.

I’m no longer interested in touring the fancy malls simply because they are nothing but bigger versions of our malls back here.

I’m not interested in visiting Robben Island either, it always brings back sad memories and leaves me boiling with anger that usually ends up with six glasses of whiskey going down.

We arrived in Joburg on Monday and checked in at Southern Sun.

It was such a lazy day with a couple of activities that included dinner at Yamazako Sushi Restaurant at Cedar Square in Fourways; a northern suburbi n Jozi.

Day two was more exciting as we had bunjee jumping and helicopter flips lined up.

I had made up my mind that I wasn’t going to bunjee, I hate the idea of facing the ground head first from such dizzying heights. I didn’t chicken out! You are welcome.

My colleagues in Dollarmac, O’neal and our host from Hotwire Oteng Majuta were also not keen to be pushed down from a bridge with their legs tied. Fred had done it before and was reluctant to go there again.

I remember I jokingly remarked that “rona ka na re a loiwa” (fear of witchcraft) and I had a silent and yet understanding support from the rest of the team.

So the activity was silently scrapped and off we went to Robinson Helicopter Training Centre in Gemistone where we were warmly welcomed by Debbie Goosen.

After a brief pep talk on safety and other related issues, in groups of three we took to the skies around Joburg for a breath taking scenery away from the dusty streets and scented air below.

AWAITING AFCON ACTION: An aerial view of Soccer City

Dave, our pilot pointed to all the landmarks as I snapped away with my feminine pink camera.

The best moment in the air was perhaps when we flew above Soccer City, one of the stadiums to be used during the 2013 AFCON finals; the stadium is just amazing, great piece of work.

The training centre really offers an out of this world experience and the warmth from the staff is something to look forward to.

It was a game changer for me, I’m actually toying with the idea of enrolling for flying lessons there, even if it means doing just 10 hours.

I have never felt that comfortable on air before.

We left Joburg on Wednesday morning for the North West Province and passed through the East Rand for some cable car fun.

We then stopped over at Sun City for lunch before proceeding to Mafikeng to get ready for the 60s.

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