Hanging rope (Picture from internet)

16 -year -old girl commits suicide

A teenage girl hanged herself last week after she was allegedly punished for spending a night away from home without her parents’ permission.

The 16-year-old girl who is former Thalogang Secondary School student in Borolong sneaked from the family kitchen around 6pm last Saturday where she was preparing supper for her granny to kill herself.

She committed the act in a field which is a stone throw away from her granny’s house in Bombunda lands near Makobo village.

The young girl who stayed with her grandmother at the lands had obtained a third class in her JC examinations, and her parents had high hopes that she would be going to senior secondary level when schools open next month.

“No one expected that this girl would do such a sad thing. She was found hanging from a Mophane tree, not far away from where she lived with her grandmother,” said a shocked neighbour.

The neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity is convinced that the teenager was angered by the punishment of lashes that she got for spending the night away from home.

She revealed that the grandmother of the girl could not believe it when she was told about the incident.

“When a passerby reported that a person was seen hanging near her house, the old woman never linked it to her granddaughter because she thought the girl was busy preparing supper in the kitchen. It was only after going to the scene that she discovered that it was indeed her grand-daughter hanging from the tree,” said the neighbor.

The grandmother and the parents of the deceased girl refused to talk to The Voice but according to Tati-town police station commander Tebogo Madisa the girl was apparently angered by the punishment she got from her parents on the same day she hanged herself. The officer also revealed that the deceased left behind a suicide note but would not be drawn to divulge its contents.

He however said it seemed there was pressure and challenges in the family and advised parents and young people to consider talking to social workers or church leaders if they have problems at home.

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Ao! Jaanong if there are problems at home with our kids, we should go to Social workers? I disagree with that one. The grandmother was not wrong to lash the girl after spending a night out of the house, thats discipline and teaching her morals as she will soon be an adult. Maitseo a rutwa ke batsadi ko lapeng. Jaanong ekare we gonna take everything to social workers, even small things. No No No.


I so don’t blame the grandmother at all, she did wat she had to do as a parent thupa!We grew up re betswa ke batsadi ba rona n now we r grown n our parents r really proud bout us, thupa gae bolae ngwana!If there was a suicide note then that means she killed herself because of sumthng else since the contents of the said note cudn’t be divulged!May her soul RIP

Kids of today have fake emotions treat them with caution they know thereis suicide.so to avoid such shocking stories take care amn’t say they must be punished am saying be alert parents.imagen just loosing yr loved kid just for yr discipline imagen is its gone its gone