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A curse from the grave

A curse from the grave
BCP COUNCILLORS: Gaopalelwe Ronald(top L), Television France(top R) and Botshelo Mapa(B)

*BCP councillors lambast Arone

*They vow to ask Kavindama to cast a spell on him

Rather than join the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), three Botswana Congress Party (BCP) councillors in the Okavango District have vowed to cast a curse on MP Bagalatia Arone for defecting to the ruling party and attempting to recruit them.

They expressed outrage and disgust at the betrayal by Arone in an interview with The Voice this week.

The angry councillors who claim to have played a major role in Arone’s campaign during the past general elections have threatened to cast a spell against Arone by reporting him to their former area MP, the late Joseph Kavindama’s grave during the party’s July congress in Shakawe.

Councillor for Nxamasera/Samuchima ward Gaopalelwe Ronald said that on Saturday he got the shock of his life when Arone tried to recruit him to join the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), with a phone call.

“He told me that the reason why our district was behind when it comes to development is because it has been in opposition hands for a long time.

“He said he was defecting to the ruling party so that he could bring developments to the Okavango. He also said that he was in the company of councillor Madara Mukuve at the time he was making the call, ” Ronald revealed.

He went on to narrate how the MP advised him that by joining BDP their kids would have a good future because of plenty business opportunities that would be afforded to newcomers as a reward for the defection to the BDP.

Ronald said his response was for the MP to go and demonstrate the affluence that purportedly comes with being a BDP member before they could follow him.

“On Sunday he invited me to his new lodge, The Hawk, where he showed me cements, tiles and other building materials in an effort to convince me that there is life at BDP.

“He said he had been given money to renovate the lodge.” Ronald said that he then decided to quote a verse from the Bible warning Arone about the dangers of abandoning his people for money.

Another councillor, Botshelo Mapa of Sepopa/ Ikoga ward said that when he got a call from his MP he thought it would be about the July conference only to be flabbergasted when the MP started recruiting him to cross the floor with him.

“A re o batla gore bana ba gagwe baje sengwe fa a tlogela dipolotiki. (He wants his children to eat something when he retires from politics),” said Mapa

Councillor Television France of Kauxwi/Xaxano ward who had been quiet during the interview said he too received a call from Arone asking him to join the ruling party but he turned down the offer and switched off his phone.

“He told me how my life would change for the better if I defected but I told him that I was fine the way I am.”

The three councillors said that during the July Congress they would go to Kavindama’s grave to report Arone’s betrayal with the hope that Kavindama’s spirit would rise up and curse him.

“Kavindama is the one who chose this boy to lead us and this is the payback that he is giving us, the electorate and his mentor, the late former MP?

“Once we do that Arone’s life would be thrown into chaos due to the curse and bad spell. We hear that he has been offered P4 million to defect. Let him go, he is a sellout,” said Ronald while his colleagues nodded in agreement.

They said that they had been aware that Arone was in debt for a while but had he asked for their help, they would have found a way to help him settle his bills.

They warned that if their MP does not stop spreading allegations that they were defecting with him, they would be forced to institute legal proceedings against him.

Meanwhile BCP has issued a statement suspending Arone on Tuesday while the BDP Secretary General, Botsalo Ntuane dismissed news of the defection as a rumour.

Efforts to get a comment from Arone proved futile as he did not take calls or respond to text messages sent to his phone.

BCP has four councillors out of the nine in the constituency while BDP has five, two of them being specially elected.

Arone’s defection leaves BCP with only two members in parliament.