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A complaint most men have about women



Recently voice cartoonist, Lesole Ntshole heard a conversation between a taxi driver and passengers in Gaborone on why women generally take long to get ready to go out and why men find shopping with their spouses to be such an annoying experience.

TAXI DRIVER: Why didn’t you come shopping with your wife today?

MAN WITH A MOUSTACHE: Are you kidding me? I didn’t want to stress myself. If I were with her, we would still be trawling the malls right now.

TAXI DRIVER: If you want see how a woman can be a problem, just let her bath after you when you are going out somewhere together.

She can easily spend an hour and a half in the bathtub and then go on to take another hour or more applying make up and checking herself in the mirror.

WOMAN IN NAVY-BLUE DRESS: It is only fitting for a Lady to take time to look good before she steps out.

A woman must always make sure she leaves her house well dressed, and looking beautiful so that she can turn heads out there.

MOUSTACHE MAN: That’s the problem with women. They live for other people.

If I have married a woman, that on its own should tell her that I have massive respect and appreciation for her, so why should she seek validation and appreciation from other men out there and waste my time taking hours to look look beautiful when we go shopping?

WOMAN IN NAVY-BLUE DRESS: You men don’t know what you want. You complain when we make an effort and you cheat when we let ourselves go.

TAXI DRIVER: I didn’t say a woman shouldn’t take care of herself.

The issue here is that time doesn’t seem to matter to women.

On several occasions I’ve gone shopping with my wife. We’d spend hours going from shop to shop for her to compare prices.

MOUSTACHE MAN: You really know them well.

A woman won’t find anything wrong with driving to the next shop for a 5thebe price difference.


The conversation ends as the moustache man disembarks from the taxi in New Naledi.