Home Other News 75-year-old nabbed for ‘raping’ 15-year-old

75-year-old nabbed for ‘raping’ 15-year-old

RAPE (photo from web)
RAPE (photo from web)

A 75-year-old man of Gerald Estates location here in Francistown has been taken into police custody for allegedly having carnal knowledge of an underage girl, The Voice can exclusively reveal.

On Tuesday this week, Edward Leposo of Gerald Estates Police Station confirmed the spine chilling incident in a telephone interview with this publication. Leposo said the incident allegedly occurred last Saturday afternoon.

Giving out the glimpse of the matter, Leposo said the unmarried suspected rapist had asked the underage age girl to perform some domestic chores on his behalf on a day the young girl was not at school.

“He had asked for help through the alleged victim’s unsuspecting parents who obliged. The suspect and the victim in this matter are neighbors here at Gerald Estates,” conformed Leposo in a telephone interview.

According to Leposo, the suspect had asked the young girl to perform the domestic duties ranging from washing clothes and general cleaning of the house as well as the whole homestead compound.

Leposo said the alleged victim left her home in the morning since there was a lot that needed to be done. Her parents, Leposo said, expected that their daughter would have finished performing the chores around midmorning.

When the parents could not see their daughter coming back by midmorning, they then followed her to the neighbor’s house only to find the septuagenarian with his pants down having sex with the girl 60 years younger than him.

“Information reaching the police is that the suspect in this matter was caught red handed having sex with his neighbor’s daughter,” said Leposo, adding that the assumption is that the septuagenarian hid behind asking for a help from the girl.

When The Voice visited the location on Wednesday morning, shocked neighbors described the septuagenarian as a “pervert.” “He is a pervert and should rot in jail,” said one neighbor on condition of total anonymity.

To many neighbors who talked to this publication, the septuagenarian has got the propensity of having sexual intercourse with young girls in exchange of either cash or some luxuries he buys with his pension money.

“It is unfortunate that young girls of these days love more than their bodies. One can ask himself or herself why this girl was raised an alarm when this man started romancing her,” argued one neighbor.

When arguments from neighbors were put to Leposo, the police boss said investigations into the matter are still ongoing. Leposo said the suspect is expected to appear in court yesterday (Thursday) or today (Friday) for arraignment.