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75-year-old man rapes teenager

75-year-old man rapes teenager
CONVICTED: 75-year-old rapist William Mmolotsi

A 75-year-old man appearing before Francistown Magistrates Court this week was found guilty of raping a 19-year-old woman.

William Mmolotsi, from Area W location in Francistown, was convicted of a single count of rape for an incident that took place at his house on the evening of 11 October 2013.

The victim, a family friend, was well known to the married Mmolotsi and told the court that, in the past, despite being 56 years older than her, he had fondled her buttocks and breasts without her consent.

It was something that she deeply resented but felt she could not report it to Mmolotsi’s wife, who is diabetic.

The victim feared that the old man’s wife would pass out at hearing that her husband had been making sexual advances towards a teenager.

“I decided to report him to the neighbour instead. However, they failed to drop the bombshell to the accused person’s wife for fear of being accused of breaking Mmolotsi’s marriage,” the young victim told the court.

Relating the events of the night in question, the abused woman explained that the incident took place when it was just the two of them at Mmolotsi’s home.

The court heard that the victim was helping with the laundry in the bathroom, dressed in her pajamas.

Upon seeing the teenager’s partially exposed body, the complainant told the court that Mmolotsi followed her to the bedroom where she had gone to collect some more clothes to wash.

“When he entered the bedroom he closed the door behind us. He then pushed me onto the bed before inserting his erect manhood into my womanhood,” the complainant told a stunned court.

Despite his pleas of not guilty, principal magistrate Thebeetsile Christian Mulalu ruled that the old man had indeed raped the teenage victim.

He will now appear before court on May 16 for sentencing.