oh-all-rightMaun Police are looking for a man middle aged man who allegedly raped a 74- year- old granny at Boseja ward on Sunday.

According to Station Commander Superitandant Kenanao Badumetse, the incident happened around three in the morning.

“The old woman’s door does not have a lock and she uses a brick to support it. The suspect just pushed it to gain entry,” he said.

Badumetse said that after getting inside the house, the culprit threatened the victim with a knife before raping her.

He said that the victim could not tell if protection was used or not. After the act, the granny called for help and neighbours who came to help failed to trace the footprints further.

Meanwhile Badumetse revealed that 104 rape cases have been reported in Maun since January to November and that more than seven cases have already been recorded in December.

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ao rraetsho middle age obo o raper go pala eng gore o bate ba lekana ba gago le gone o raper mosadimogolo wa modimo nxla

Lickson Sebotho

Kana gone gotima motho yomongwe dilo tsedingwe kebatho babangwe gofelelafela jaana, Gobakanngwa jang bagaetsho?


About 4 girls want a relationship with me.. ke eng ane asa nkope kamo fa ale 1 instead of acting like an animal?