Bags to add to your timeless collection

With timeless choices to go for this spring like shoes, the right bag instantaneously completes an outfit!

A bag does not only help store your personal belongings but these are the times where you have to enjoy carrying it.

A bag is an extension of your personality. From buckets to minis to ladylike structure and briefcase like bags, this spring it’s all about some quirk, fun and not so serious designs. It turns out that the sizes are smaller than usual too.

But if you want the true year-round versatility, don’t just go for any colour, grab a neutral colour bag.

If you want to experience the ultimate fun, stick to coloured brights, interesting structures, as well as designs.

One thing for sure is this spring, we here, on Voice on Fashion don’t just carry a bag- we clutch it!

(1) READY TO MAKE A STATEMENT: African Lace Clutch

(2) VINTAGE INSPIRED: The 70’s are a thing again


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