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30 years a victim of sexed-up Thokolosi

30 years a victim of sexed-up Thokolsi
DESPERATE FOR HELP: Thina (not her real name)

A single mother’s desperate cry for help

When she met the love of her life over 30 years ago, Thina (not her real name) was convinced it was the start of something good.

However, far from happily ever after, it proved to be the beginning of evil.

Since 1988, a year after meeting her now deceased ex-husband, the 50-year-old has been tormented by a sex-hungry thokolosi.

In a desperate bid to rid herself of the horny creature, the Block 5 (Gaborone) resident has travelled around the continent seeking the help of renowned prophets TB Joshua and Sheperd Bushiri.

However, her ordeal continues to this day.

Indeed, far from easing up, in recent times the mischievous being has attacked with renewed vigour, raping the unfortunate woman at least twice every night.

“I desperately need help. I have been struggling with this thing for far too long. I am at my wit’s end, depressed and feeling suicidal,” pleaded Thina, who asked to remain anonymous for the sake of her daughter.

Narrating her story of woe, she reveals her troubles date back to 1987, when she started a relationship with an older man in Gaborone.

A few months later – around April 1988 – Thina left for Moroka village in the North East to start her tirelo sechaba.

Closing her eyes as she mentally revisits her past, Thina explains her balding lover gave her an ointment wrapped up in a small package, which he claimed he applied to his scalp to help his hair grow back.

“I suspect that is how he activated the thokolosi because he visited me towards the end of that year, but refused to use the ointment on himself. He stayed for a week and soon after his departure, I started having weird dreams.”

The dreams would involve having sex with a strange, short and hairy man.

Desperate not to let the nightmares affect her everyday life, a year later, having completed her national service, Thina married her boyfriend.

“I then noticed that the attacks happened mostly when my husband was away – but as he also had appetite for sex, he’d demand sex even after an assault!”

Speaking in hushed tones, her tired eyes red raw, like glowing cinders amidst her dark skin, Thina claims she has not had a decent night’s sleep for over a decade.

According to Thina, the ‘hairy dwarf’ now calls itself her husband.

“Sometimes I feel the sexual act and sometimes I will just wake up from bed facing the other way and having been used sexually.

“I was 22 when we married. I told my husband about the attacks and he did not seem shocked about it. However, he did try to help me but it was in vain.

“He took me to Kimberly in South Africa for cleansing. He would mail some stuff to bathe with when I was schooling overseas. The packages were sent in envelopes but instead of getting better, the attacks intensified,” continues the distraught mother-of-one, who explained that until now she has been too embarrassed to talk to the media.

By 2001, in an effort to save her sanity, she decided to end her marriage and moved to the other side of the city in the hope that the thokolosi would leave her alone.

“I moved out with my daughter and left every single thing with my husband and went to live in Block 5.”

Sadly, Thina’s supernatural troubles continue to this day.

Her ex-husband has since died due to natural ailments but she remains stuck with the relentless creature.

“I spent nights in the streets of Pretoria, hoping that Bushiri would locate me. I visited the church without prior appointment and I found hotels fully booked so I had to spend nights in the car, but I came back the same.

“I took another gamble and travelled to Nigeria and visited T.B Joshua’s church, again without prior appointment and I did not get any help. I have spent a fortune paying some local prophets and traditional healers and none has been able to deliver me from this torment,” she summarises wearily, her head bowed as if in defeat, her frail shoulders wrapped in a thick woolly blanket despite the heat.

To add to Thina’s misery and increasing feeling of isolation, she says her daughter and other close family members do not believe her.

With nowhere left to turn, she is calling on local men and women of God to volunteer their services and come to her rescue.