We will play back to back encounters against Nico United.


This Saturday we start with the Mascom top 8 then the league. The cup game is not over as some people think. We are leading 5-2 and we must surely fight to increase the lead. What I can say is that we are now like a wounded buffalo so Nico must guard against the craftiness of the warriors.


We were not at our best this past Sunday and lost 2-3 to Fighters.

We are all very sorry and apologize to our loyal fans. Many people are already complaining that it was due to the unsual colours we were wearing on the day. I beg to differ and reiterate


that we just had a bad day in office. Even the best teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona do lose at times, so we are no exception.


We told Dirang as players before the game that we are going to advertise him.


He got a run and unfortunately we lost. He however made one assist and it helped us get a goal. What I can say is he is still rusty but by the end of the league he will be back at his usual best.


My dear friend Shoes Godirwang is caught in between two teams.

He lost his case at the status committee and now he has been ordered to go back to Rollers. I have been in such a situation before where you can’t do what you like and I can tell you it is crazy, no player wants be in that situation. I can only hope that this will be solved amicably.


We are still on course to win the league.

The Fighters loss is just like an ant biting an elephant. We will surely clinch the league early and in style. For a team that has not lost a match in more than eight months, the reaction to Fighters loss was to be expected. But mark my words, we will bounce right back.

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