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On Tuesday just a few hours after coming from theatre I watched the Zebras go down to Cup favourites Ghana.


With a little bit of luck we could have won that match, and it was even painful because I think we gifted them that goal. At times I thought I could have been in the match to help the boys; it hurt to be just sitting there while my mates were out there fighting for the country. This is a footballer’s life I have to soldier on though.

I broke my arm while playing tennis in Cameroon.

We were just about to wrap-up training when I fell and landed on my arm, dislocating my elbow. I asked Talk-Talk to help me move the odd looking bone back into position but he chickened out. He was so scared until the team doctor came and pulled it back. I was in and out of the Cameroun hospitals and tell you what; there is nothing good about the hospitals we visited. Injuries like this are tricky; I once suffered a similar one on the leg. I will just have to wait and recover and not rush things. If things go as the doctor said I will only play the last 10 games of the season.

Before I saw the x-ray I could feel the pain throughout my arm but I was still hopeful that I would recover in time to feature for the team.

However my dream went up in smoke after seeing the x-ray; I gave up even though my teammates thought I could fly to France for an operation and play with a cast. That never happened as I had to come back


home. On the final day when I finally had to depart; believe it or not almost the entire team cried. Dambe, Pontsho, Motsepe, Jerome, Tsotso shed tears and that is when I felt the pain. That’s also when it began to sink, and I could not hold the tears anymore.

Before I sign off for this week I want to thank all the people who wished me well.


I didn’t manage to reply to all the messages due to the excruciating pain I felt on my arm. This is not the end of my career though, I will bounce back in the be mobile premier league and do what I was supposed to do at AFCON.