If you live in Gaborone or any of it ‘suburb’ villages you have almost certainly seen the Police’s beautiful state-of-the-art helicopter whirling around town – often in the middle of the day.

It is unclear exactly what they are doing – or what the actual purpose of the helicopter is entirely.It was stated when the helicopter arrived that it was to help police
more effectively patrol the bush and catch cattle rustlers.

I am not sure how many cattle rustlers there are in Block 5 or G-west where you often see the copter overhead. I do know they will not be able to
catch them or other thieves without proper ground support – which they do not have.It cost thousands of pula per minute to operate that helicopter –
which apparently the Police can afford. However, they do not seem to have funds for some of the basics of proper police work.

Here are some things the police cannot afford not to afford if they want to get the crime wave under control in Gaborone and ultimately the rest of Botswana.First and foremost, they must have more vehicles so that they can
actually patrol and respond to calls.

How long will we have to hear stories of people being attacked in their homes, calling the police and the police saying they have no vehicle to respond…and can’t you come fetch us…how long will that be allowed to be a reality in this country? Second, they MUST have a one-way mirror for when they have to do police line-ups.

There is a increasing number of stories of the police successfully arresting criminals but their victims being unwilling to identify them in a line up because they have to walk along the line and stand within a meter of someone who has attacked them and point them out.

The criminal can of course see the person who is identifying them which means they could target them in the future.The fact that victims cannot not safely identify their attackers is a
crime in itself. And allows criminals to go back on the street. Certainly if the police can afford to operate a helicopter than can afford a sheet of glass.


Would YOU be prepared to contribute P100 per ANNUM
if you knew that the effect would be to reduce crime
in Gaborone?


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