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Over the last several weeks we have discussed simple, low cost tips to make yourself, your family and your property safer.

We have given tips for the car and for your home.As the last installment of our “Help Yourself” advice series we will cover the issue of self defense. It is a sad state of affairs, but the crime in Botswana is becoming increasingly violent and it is time you took a few steps to equip yourself in case you are ever put into a close combat situation with a criminal, whether it be on the street or in your home. I have mentioned this in every column so far – get pepper spray!

It can be purchased at the outdoor shops in Tlokweng as well as the Outdoor Africa stores. They come in small canisters. Have one in your car, one in your bedroom, and if possible one on your keychain or in your bag. Pepper spray is the best option because it allows anyone to disable multiple attackers at one time and for several minutes.

Even a strong adult man will most likely be overcome if attacked by two or three men – (especially if those men have weapons) but pepper spray will leave a number of attackers writhing on the ground in pain and mostly unable to see for up to an hour. (Important note – if you are attacked with pepper spray the cure is to rinse your face and eyes in milk for several minutes after which you should rinse your eyes in water. Using water at the beginning will onlyworsen the problem.)

It is also a good idea to take a self-defense class. Whether it be a short class covering the basics for how to cope when being attacked. (We recommend this for all women especially – taking them as a group can
be fun and give you the skills to defend yourself.)

Alternatively, you may wish to begin practicing a martial art as part of your lifestyle. Either way, you will be better equipped to defend yourself and your loved ones when required to do so. Here are two contacts of groups that do both long term and short self-defense classes.

Here are two contacts of groups that do both long term and short
self-defense classes.

Botswana Judo Federation Estony Hattingh – 71648811

Botswana National Karate Mpho Bakwadi – 71302222


Would YOU be prepared to contribute P100 per ANNUM if you knew that the effect would be to reduce crimein Gaborone?