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This week we continue our series of “Do Yourself a Favor’ tips –Let’s talk about your home.

You owe it to yourself and your family to make your home as safe aspossible. With a few small changes it can become quite a bit saferand much more uninviting to criminals.Begin with alarms – if you have an alarm and electric fence test them. Check your electric fence at least every two to three weeks.

Make sure it is not tangled anywhere and still carries a charge. If you have an alarm – call your security company and ask them to test it. Make sure the signal is getting through to them. Also take a walk through your house and make sure all the sensors are working. If you cannot afford an alarm – get an air horn and keep it in your bedroom

These small, inexpensive devices make a tremendous noise and are great for attracting attention. Help each other out – arrange with your neighbors that you all have air horns. Then know if you hear someone’s horn you know it is a call for help. In times like these we all have to band together or we will all be victims.

Criminals HATE light! It is not a coincidence that Broadhurst and Maru–a–Pula are two of the hardest hit areas at the moment. They are extremely poorly lit – this allows criminals to move around as
they please. Make sure the outside of your house is well lit – ideally around the whole house/plot but especially around the doors.

If you already have light fixtures there invest in the brightest light bulbs possible.Motion detecting lights are also a great investment. They are quite bright but only go on when there is motion in the yard. This can save you some money on electricity and serve to unnerve a criminal approaching your home.

We will continue next week with more tips for your house – in the meantime use this week to make your home and family safer.


Have you noticed an increased police presence in
your neighbourhood at night? Yes – No