Lets begin by shifting our points of view. We need to start looking atthe crime problem as consumers and look at the police as a product.We all pay taxes, income tax, V.A.T. etc – those taxes are supposedly
used by the government to provide services to the citizens One of these is the Botswana Police Service.

You are paying for thisservice therefore you are a consumer of this service.According to the Botswana Police Act, part of the duties of the Police Service is to “maintain security and public tranquility”.Unfortunately, the Police Service are not able to provide these particular services to you despite the fact you are being charged for them.

So you as consumers are forced to pay again. If you can afford it, you pay a private security company to provide you with security in your home and business. Terribly, if you are one of the
many that can not afford to pay for private security you are left to fend for yourself by your government and the service you have already paid for with your taxes.

The police are not properly trained, armed, or in any way equipped to deal with the current levels of crime, much less if it continues to escalate. The police service is a sub-par product. (This is the fault of the system – not the brave individuals that have chosen to serve as police officers.)

If this were any other product you would stop paying for it. If you bought bread from one store and it was always mouldy, forcing you to go buy more bread at another store, you would quickly stop buying bread at the first store.

Sadly you as consumers do not have that choice in this case. You are forced to keep paying…paying taxes… paying for private security… paying to replace your stolen property…paying to repair the broken windows and doors left by criminals.

Why is it that a private security company monitoring my house can respond to the alarm within a few minutes but if my house is being broken into I need to get into my car and fetch the police officers to attend at the scene? What are we paying for? Where are our taxes going to? Why is the government not providing us with the product they promised us for our money?


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