Carbon Environmental Awareness Society, a local non-profit making organisation are on a spirited mission to tackle an issue that would be on the agenda at the up coming Conference of Parties (COP 21) Summit in France.

The Sustainable Innovation forum planned for 7-8 December at Stade de France is deemed the largest business focused event where decision makers from across the globe with delegates spanning 43 countries will meet to discuss climate change.

Spurred on by the passion and desire to sensitise locals about climate change, two members of Carbon Environmental embarked on a 1000km walk from Kasane to Gaborone to engage citizens on this all too important topic.

After leaving Kasane on Wednesday 11th the two walkers Reuben Ntuluki and Mandla Tlhowe arrived in Francistown last Tuesday.

Chief Walker, Ntuluki said they want to engage Batswana through village and city leaders to draw their attention to changing climate in the global village. “People should know the reasons we are experiencing scarce rains and heat waves,” said Ntuluki.

“We should provide solutions to some of these challenges. It’s the little efforts that can go a long way in making our environment clean. Stop throwing away paper cheaply, use public transport and people can delay their driving years,” Ntuluki added.

The duo whose trip faced many hurdles due to lack of resources were bankrolled by the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture. “The money was still not enough. Chobe Marina Lodge came to our rescue with accommodation. They also provided their boat which used to clean up the Chobe River front,” said Ntuluki.

The determined Ntuluki appealed to private companies and individuals to assist them in the last 500km from Francistown to Gaborone. “We are not asking for much. We need refreshments especially water on the road. It is just too hot,” he said.

Ntuluki thanked Spar who have been taking care of their meals since their journey began. “I would also like to mention one Joe Linga in Mosetse who helped us a great deal when we passed through the village.”

The walkers were engaged in a clean up campaign on Thursday in Francistown before proceeding to Gaborone.

Their noble cause has already caught the attention of COP 21 conveners who have asked them to share their activities on their website.

Global warning is hot potato in the world with third world countries demanding more clear policies.

Over 90 countries have already made voluntary pledges and commitments to cut their emission levels.

However, despite these efforts, current pledges and commitments are not enough to keep the average rise in global temperature below 2 degree Celsius.

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