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Tired and hurt: Isaacs-Anderson

By Francinah Baaitse
Alimah regrets the day she was crowned Miss Botswana

The matter between Alimah Isaacs-Anderson and the Kingdom bank has finally been settled. The 2008 case, in which the former Miss Botswana was accused of obtaining by false pretence, was withdrawn from court last week Wednesday.
But the damage to her image and reputation had been done, said the beauty queen in an interview following last week story about yet another drama in her life.
“The case (Kingdom Bank) was baseless. I was a young person in business, a group of people thought I didn’t deserve it. The truth came out and I stated my case, but I can’t stand to be called former Miss Botswana anymore.”  Anderson explained.
She revealed that the Miss Botswana 1999 crown has been a bittersweet memory.
“My life is like an open book. People can walk about and say about any little comment about me. I’ve lost my dignity; I’ve been humiliated and persecuted. I’ve been called all sorts of names. I’ve gone through all forms of emotion, anger, and humiliation. At some point I was doubting myself,” Anderson said, was referring to the comments she got from members of the public after the case hit the court.
“When the Kingdom thing started the whole court was packed, but by midday all reporters have grown tired of waiting for the trial to begin. I went for mentions and no media person was there. They never had the patience to listen to the whole case or even tried to get my side of the story,” Anderson added.
The case and the public scrutiny of her life have taken a toll on her. In fact she does not want to be referred to as the former queen anymore and wish she were never in the public eye.
“The pride I had about the title is no more. It has been destroyed. Enough is enough. I am tired of people being cowards towards me. What is so wrong with being fair to me?” she rhetorically asked, further noting, “The public has formed an opinion of me. I am not public property; I’ve got rights and dignity. I am a mother and wife, I am Alimah Isaacs-Anderson and I don’t want the title on my life.”
Defending the failure to pay the First National Bank loan, which is threatening to publicly auction her property this weekend, Anderson explained that she could not generate income to pay back the loan because she stopped working due to difficult pregnancy.
“I was in bed rest for seven months. I could not work from May last year because the doctors had ordered strict bed rest. It was either that or loose my twin boys,” she explained, adding, “I had begun to service my loan.”

Alimah regrets the day she was crowned Miss Botswana


  1. Sure Fantene gase rona re rile a rwale korone eo ke ene a itlhophetseng le fa o ka e tsaya ka mahatlha tittle eo e kase go fologe nd we dnt care hide nd sick ene ke wa eng lorata matshelonyana a titipote kgantele ke gone gore motho a iphotlhele a ikgamisitse ka dikoloto fela jaaka o dira, livin beyond yr means. Wake up gal u r our former queen no matter what, mma Anderson oile wa nyalwa leng he?