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#TlatsaLebala woes continues

#TlatsaLebala woes continues

It looks like Kast is not only fighting the South African award winning artist, Casper Nyovest, but his crew too.

We all know about his rants on Casper not knowing him, but that it seems he has problems closer to home too.

Shaya has been reliably informed of an argument which lead to him firing his Marketing Personnel.

Kast no longer trusts his manager after he fell out with a number of artists whom Kast believed could help him achieve his dream of filling up the stadium.

Now with the two at loggerheads over the initiative, Kast has decided to part ways with him.

It looks like the marketing guru’s woes are mounting! Recently he was one of the people Rick Ross described as a clown on his twitter account.

Shaya is waiting to see how fans that have not been refunded back their money will be helped.

I say this because the fired person was the one in charge of this.

So, who is fit enough to help Kast #TlatsaLebala?