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Students protest against expensive books

DISGRUNTLED: students cheering on their leaders

Enraged Botho University students this morning held a meeting to plot a boycott against the Gaborone Campus bookstore.

The meeting which was presided over by the university’s Student Representative Council (SRC) also discussed various issues affecting the student community, including unqualified lecturers.

The students accused the university management of failure to consult them on the recently sacked fraudulent lecturers whose fake qualifications were exposed through the media.

They complained that such lecturers compromised their education and that the university did not see the need to consult them on the matter.

When narrating their grievances to The Voice, the concerned students complained that the books are too expensive, and revealed that they are only allowed to purchase three text-books from the bookstore, before getting to buy other stationery.

SRC president, Kabelo Dikatlholo, said the bookstore only benefits the University and not the students. “The text-books are too expensive. We suggest that only 60% of the book allowance should be used inside the school, and that we be given 40% as hard cash, credited to our accounts, so we can buy books from other stores,” he said.

The students’ book allowance is P1200.00, and students are only allowed to purchase books at the school bookstore.

When reached for comment about the students’ concerns, Botho University Dean-Office of External Relations, Golekanye Setume, demanded to be given a questionnaire, which he is yet to reply to. (Detailed story to continue on the next print issue of The Voice.)