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Simi’s hot pants

Simi's hot pants

Well you all know by now that the Botswana Premier League is one of the toughest in the world.

The football here is so tough that last season a clear winner could not be found on the pitch of play.

It took court cases and replays to finally declare Township Rollers the 2015/16 winners.

Shaya thinks playing so many games for Rollers was too much for no nonsense defender, Simisani Mathumo.

Popa’s towering centre-back was worn-out, literally.

A cheeky picture currently doing the rounds on social media, allegedly posted by teammate Edwin Moalosi, show that the Mapalastina player’s clothes also felt the impact.

Mathumo is pictured with a gaping hole in his colour co-ordinated yellow underwear in a match against BDF XI.

Well, good choice there buddy, the pants and yellow and gaping hot – I’m sure it’ll earn Rollers a few more female fans!