Home Court Stories Salakae sues for Facebook defamation

Salakae sues for Facebook defamation

Salakae sues for Facebook defamation

Member of Parliament for Gantsi North, Noah Salakae has opened a court case against an employee of Department of Wildlife and National Parks, Nametso Sephiri, for an offensive facebook post.

According to court papers filed by Salakae’s lawyer, Thabo Malambane, the accused person on the 27th October 2016 posted a defamatory piece about the MP in a Facebook page which operates under the name Gantsi.

He posted that, “It’s been long without seeing our MP, not because he is not around but because he is busy with a new project, I understand he has been funded by CEDA at the sum of P5 million to run his project.”

Sephiri is said to have posted that Salakae buys cattle from farmers and sells them to Botswana Meat Commission.

He explained that by doing such a business he was frustrating small businessmen who survive through the same business.

“Nako nngwe fa ke rutiwa boeteledipele ne ka tlhalosediwa gore, fa ole moeteledipele o tshwanetse go lebelela pele bao ba eteletseng pele before oka itebelela. Gao eletse dilo tsa batho bao ba eteletseng pele ebile ga oa tshwanela to be in competition le bone,” the facebook post read in part.

Attorney Malambane said that it was without doubt that Sephiri was referring to his client as that was corroborated by the comments that followed his post including his own comments.

Malambane added that the accused person implied in his post that Salakae is greedy and has no regard for the people that he is representing and further that he is corrupt hence the alleged cancellation of other people’s trading permits.

“We are further advised by our client that he has never made any application to source funds from CEDA nor granted any loan by CEDA and this we confirmed with CEDA and it is therefore apparently clear that all you had published and distributed around about our client was untrue and driven by malice of destroying the good reputation of our client,” he submitted.

Malambane said that the words uttered towards his client have potential to make people to lose trust in him.

He filed for a P40 000 law suit in the event a 150 words apology letter is not done.

However, Sephiri’s lawyer E. Kudzani of Serole and Partners refused to issue an apology saying the complainant is a public figure who is not immune to public scrutiny.

Meanwhile Malambane confirmed to this publication to having registered the case with Gantsi Magistrate court.