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Rich husband prophecy ends marriage

Rich husband prophecy ends marriage

A disgruntled man believes that his wife is divorcing him because of a prophecy she heard at church about a rich patron waiting to marry her.

Gaaitsiwe Moroka, 38, claims the prophecy has ruined his marriage and it is the reason his wife of four years, Katlego Moroka, 28, wants a divorce.

An aggrieved Moroka told The Voice that he first suspected something was wrong when his wife refused to have sex with him in January.

A frustrated Moroka says their relationship slowly deteriorated after that before Katlego finally confessed that a prophet from her church had foreseen that he was not the right man for her.

“I was shocked! She went on to tell me about the prophecy, which apparently revealed that she would be married to a rich man,” recalled Moroka, shaking his head in apparent disbelief.

The frustrated husband added that he was struggling to make sense of the prophecy, saying, “I was surprised because her prophet is a woman and she is married. Why would she break another woman’s marriage with her false prophecy?” He asked.

Rich husband prophecy ends marriage
DISGRUNTLED: Gaaitsiwe Moroka

Moroka, who is an ardent Zion Christian Church (ZCC) goer, says that he tried to stop Katlego from attending her church to no avail.

“When I refuse to let her go to church she says I am abusive and that I should also quit ZCC,” he said.

Accepting that his marriage is over, a vengeful Moroka said, “I am waiting for the divorce to be finalised before I sue her for wasting my time.”

When contacted for a comment, Katlego, who is a traffic cop, rubbished her husband’s claims, labeling him ‘an immature coward’.

According to her, the reason she is divorcing Moroka is because he is a serial love-cheat, even claiming that he secretly impregnated another woman before his marriage to her – something that Katlego only discovered after their wedding day.

“He is cheating on me. I have found adulterous text messages on his phone and he receives late night calls from his girlfriends,” claimed Katlego.

The irate traffic cop also said, “He does not care or love me. He demands sex though I do not want to be involved in such activities anymore since our marriage is experiencing serious trouble.”

Katlego finished by telling The Voice, “Go ahead and publish the story. You will be giving me publicity and platform to find a serious single man out there who wants a wife.”

The case will be heard before Judge Tebogo Tau at Lobatse High Court on May 11.