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Pack and go

Ex-husband evicts ‘abusive’ wife Woman argues he used sex to outwit her.

Bystanders watched in secret amusement as an angry husband, in the company of his new girlfriend evicted his wife from their matrimonial home in Tlokweng.

Armed with a court order and under the watchful eyes of two uniformed police officers, the frightened husband, Setlalepula Sentsho (31) instructed his soon to be ex-wife, Neelo Sentsho, 31, to pack and go.

The court had ruled that the couple, whose divorce was to be finalized in six weeks could not longer live together because the wife was both physically and emotionally abusive towards the husband.

The couple tied the knot in 2010, but Setlalepula filed for divorce in June 2015 citing abuse by his wife.

The divorce case was heard before Gaborone High Court Judge, Leatile Dambe on November 23rd.

After vacating her home of the past six years the disgruntled Neelo in an interview accused her husband of dishonesty and of misleading her to think that the marriage could still be salvaged.

“ He had filed for divorce yes, but three weeks back before we went to the High Court he asked for sex. He used me and he used sex to pull wool over my face so that I do not prepare for court. He fooled me and gave me hope when he knew that his mind was made up. I followed him with no idea of what was going to happen in court, only for his lawyer to accuse me of abuse in front of the judge. I had no idea how to respond to that because it was not true and I was in shock. The next thing I knew he rocked up with a girlfriend who stood by his side to evict me! I packed my stuff and left them inside the house,” she said in disbelief.

Pack and go
MOVED ON: Setlalepula

Although he had initially responded to The Voice query by saying that he would not discuss his personal life with strangers, Setlalepula however walked into The Voice offices the following day to tell his side of the story.

He told of how the court had ruled that he could no longer live under the same roof with a woman who had abused him so much.

“I had previously reported a few assault cases before Tlokweng police,” the diminutive husband said tears welling up in his eyes. My ex-wife abused me both verbally and physically,” he said.

The irritated Setlalepula further revealed that Neelo used to beat him up until he locked himself in one of the bedrooms to escape the beatings.

“She knew all the numbers in my phone and every time she discovered a new one, she would call and insult the person. Enough was enough with her abuse,” he said.