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No pain no gain

Body Active Gym takes Ghetto by storm

Gym instructor and fitness fanatic Odirile Rakaki, 37, has set his sights on transforming the health and fitness industry in the second capital Francistown.

Five years ago, Rakaki founded the now-thriving Body Active Gym.

Situated at Ngilichi House in Ntshe, the enterprise is not your average health and fitness studio.

“We do a variety of things here. We do wellness coaching and advise on nutrition so that people are able to achieve their goals,” revealed Rakaki in an exclusive interview with Voice Sport.

The fitness fanatic, who also has outreach programmes in areas such as Maun and Zowa, has entered the dog eat dog gym industry and is already creating waves with his specially formulated and affordable programmes.

“We teach aerobics from basic to advanced stage. It is an effective way of having fun and losing weight at the same time,” he said.

Rakaki has also introduced a bootcamp – something that is proving extremely popular with his clients.

The initiative combines training with adventure, as clients get to experience mountain hiking, sand river activities and other fun activities meant to tickle your fancy and leave you a few kilograms lighter.

“The boot camp is mainly used for weight loss or weight maintenance. It can also be useful for those looking to gain a bit of weight,” Rakaki explained.

Highlighting the importance of a balanced, healthy diet, Rakaki went on to say, “I also have to categorically state that it doesn’t matter how many times you come to the gym, the most important thing is nutrition. Training only enhances what you can achieve.”

Rakaki said there are people who are unable to lose or gain weight because they don’t eat right. “That is why we have wellness coaching to help you design your cabinet. You are what you eat,” he said.

Rakaki’s fitness studio also offers swimming lessons for both young and old.

“This is one of the key features of our studios because it caters for people with medical conditions, like arthritis, who are not allowed to lift weights,” he said, adding that a swimming subscription, which is separate to a gym membership, costs P250 monthly and P30 daily.

Perhaps the most notable thing about Body Active Gym is the affordable prices for new clients.

Subscription currently stands at P250 and for those starting in February they will be exempt from paying the joining fee.

There are also corporate packages where five people will pay P225 each to join the exciting fitness regime.

“We also charge P200 for students with proof of Student Identity number, and P200 for under 16 with consent of a guardian,” he said.

“We have the best building in town with tennis and squash courts. Very soon we’ll have our own tennis and squash teams as part of the fitness regime,” he added.