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MP Davids bashes BDP

MP Davids rattles parliament

Kgatleng East Member of Parliament (MP) Isaac Davids, today had no kind words for the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) as he accused them of plundering the country’s resources and blatantly abusing power.

In a brief response to Finance Minister, Kenneth Matambo’s budget speech, Davids took a swipe at the BDP accusing them of failing the country.

“On Monday this place [parliament chambers] was full of cameras and microphones from BTV and daily news. Today there is no sight of them.

I don’t understand. These are not assets owned by the ruling party but are owned by Batswana,” he lamented.

Davids however, did not stop there. He continued to proclaim NDP 10 (National Development Plan) as a complete disaster and accused the ruling party of looting the national coffers.

“How can NDP 11 take us forward when NDP 10 failed so dismally? It was a disaster. They are making the exact same mistakes! NDP 10 looted government coffers. You’re impoverishing the people. You live in houses worth P7 million, fly in private jets and drive black cars,” he bemoaned.

Having been chastised by the Speaker of the House, an unperturbed Davids further attacked government for what he said was a waste of resources during the country’s silver jubilee celebrations.

“P113 million was spent on Bot50 celebrations painting rocks. It did not benefit the nation. Where did the money go? It was looted by the likes of them!” he said whilst eyeballing Minister of Local Government and Rural Development – Slumber Tsogwane.

Tsogwane responded by imploring Davids to produce any evidence that corroborated his accusations while the Speaker asked Davids not to use words like “looting” because of their inherent implications.

Davids however was having none of it, and refused to back down. He proceeded to deviate his attention from Bot50 to the Ministry of Education, where he called for the Minister to resign.

“The government has left Batswana behind. Education is a disaster. Remove the Minister of Education because they’ll never be able to improve our education. Your kids go to school in England while our children suffer with this [Botswana] education.”

The speaker then proceeded to reiterate the importance for all MPs to avail themselves for parliament sessions and duly closed the session due to a lack of quorum.