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Molepolole politicians assist in promoting culture

Molepolole politicians assist in promoting culture

In an effort to keep their Culture and Tradition alive, some Councillors in Molepolole together with Shima Monageng have organised a Dikhwaere competitions to be held at Ramakgatlanyana lands along Molepolole /Thamaga road on the 3rd of January 2017 from lunch time till late.

Choirs billed to compete include Zambia, Dangers, Malekwa 1, Senior and Malekwa 2 Choir.

“These are seasoned choirs in Molepolole and have been competing casually among themselves over the years.

They include young and elderly musicians of note,” said Monageng. A number of elders are said to have been members of these choirs for the last 30 years.

Entrance is free at this event and people are expected to attend in large numbers. Monageng who is a renowned Jazz promoter and also presenting a jazz programme on Gabzfm says apparently there are no traditional music promoters in Botswana.

He continues to say by getting involved with this event as an event manager and music promoter, he wants to show other promoters that Dikhwaere and Borankana as musical art forms need to be promoted and directed accordingly.

“We can nourish, develop these traditional genres / art forms and take them to another level. Traditional music is our pride and identifies as a nation and should be preserved,” he said.