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Making ends meet

Making ends meet

Thriving on beauty therapy

Beauty trends in Maun are slowly but surely making inroads as beauty spas and salons find a niche in the town’s business landscape.

Most beauty therapists dreaming of establishing bigger businesses in the tourism town have been buoyed by the enthusiasm of the visiting tourists, hence the desire not only to make ends meet but also to take the industry to greater heights.

One such beauty therapist is 35-year-old Canah Jorgensen of Motopi village who owns Dash Hair Salon and Beauty Parlour in Maun.

Jorgensen who has done a nail course and Lipolysis explains she opened her business in 2010 and started off with a hair salon but would later incorporate the nail and weight loss programme as she discovered there was a niche in that perspective in Maun.

She says as people come in Maun for work and visiting, it was evident that they also needed to beautify themselves.

Jorgensen says she sourced funds to start off her business with the help of her late husband.

She says even though there are quiet and peak times she is able to make profit and fend for her family.

With a staff of more than ten, Jorgensen says she is dreaming to open the biggest Beauty Parlour in Maun with advanced techniques and more staff.

She however says there is a lot of competition but she attracts customers simply by keeping her Beauty Parlour spotlessly clean and offering reasonable prices with quality services.

Jorgensen adds that being a beauty therapist is no child’s play, but encourages upcoming entrepreneurs in the industry to study hard and research about the business before venturing in.

She however says her arms were open for any upcoming beauty therapist who needs to explore the pros and cons of this kind of business.

Cecilia Gabaeme operates a mobile manicure and pedicure beauty parlour.

Making ends meet

The 26-year-old Mopipi born lass says she has a 1.7 million sealed business plan of a wedding parlour that would flourish Maun and the rest of the country.

She says even though CEDA is ready to fund her, she is still hunting for a bigger space to place her biggest dream ever.

Gabaeme who holds a certificate in Tourism Management and vast experience in nail therapy, says she cannot wait for her one in all business.

“My idea is unique and it is apparently the only one and it would also be a tourist attraction in Maun. During my research a lot of people were thrilled by my idea because the parlour is going save clients a lot of time and money as everything would be done in one place including, make ups, vows, food and photo shoots”.

Kaone Mowaneng who stays in Disaneng ward in Maun says she was led to the industry by lack of employment.

She says early in 2014, she was taken to Gaborone by her elder sister to learn how nails and hair as well as facials are done.

As a fast learner it wasn’t long before she learnt the skills and before she knew it, she was already beautifying women and getting a steady flow of clients.

Making ends meet
TALENTED: Mowaneng

“I think I am among the best beauty therapist here because my customers are always happy and they always call again, even though I did not go to school for this”.

The 34-year-old Kasane-bred lady says Maun has got a potential in this kind of business.

She says despite the growing competition in the business she is not worried as she has loyal customers who frequently seek her services and that she keeps a busy daily schedule as she consistently gets bookings for make ups and nails.

Mowaneng however says her challenge is lack of office space and that she is mostly exposed to harsh weather conditions where she is forced to close.

“I am working on having an office as well as a clothing line,” she says with a smile.