Home Entertainment Limkokwing University attends prestigious London Fashion Week

Limkokwing University attends prestigious London Fashion Week

Limkokwing University attends prestigious London Fashion Week
Limkokwing University attends prestigious London Fashion Week

The fashion world will later today meet in London for the bi-annual reveal of some of the world’s biggest designers’ latest collections at London Fashion Week.

The world’s top fashion editors, stylists, celebrities, photographers and bloggers will descend upon the capital for a week-long celebration of fashion.

Limkokwing University and its very own label, Limkokwing Fashion Club will be joining the elite to participate on the first day of the eminent week at the stunning Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden, London.

The University has been for the past weeks,tirelessly working with its most outstanding international students under the Faculty of Fashion and Lifestyle Creativity to produce world-class designs for the show.

Fabrics which make up this vast collection reign from countries such as Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Botswana, Indonesia, Iran and many more.

Our Fashion students’stunning talents are set to dazzle the audience with their rich Asian and African cultural fashion statements, which are a clever combination of streetwear and luxury.

The collection will explore treasures engraved within African and Asian fashion heritage to tell the unique stories of the different cultures that make up Limkokwing University.

The collection blends rich cross-cultural prints, silhouettes of traditional designs, extravagant head gears and accessories, reflecting on a contemporary outlook from African and Asian aesthetics and heritage.

Limkokwing University was selected by a panel of industry experts as the only foreign university to have an entire section during the show.

This will provide students with the opportunity not only to showcase their designs to the public, but also catch the eye of distinguished designers giving them an invaluable experience at the Fashion Week.

Well known as the World’s First Fashion Label created by a university, Limkokwing Fashion Club is collaborating with Fashion Scout,- the UK’s largest independent showcase, for emerging and established designs for talents during London Fashion Week.

It is also widely known for championing and developing creative talents across Europe.

“The whole concept of Fashion Scout is to enable designers with a flare a spot in the center of the madness during London Fashion Week. It is our pleasure to invite such a prestigious design university in our show,” said Gina Hewitt, Fashion Scout’s Operations Manager. “We can’t wait to see what Limkokwing will bring to the table.”

Serving as a home to students from over 160 countries around the globe, Limkokwing University has always envisioned a unique approach to learning.

Exclusive opportunities like these expose students to the world, making sure they are always one step ahead of the rest upon graduation.

Limkokwing students and alumni will be producing the entire show, from backstage setup, sound to even the photo and video capturing of the show.

Limkokwing students are known for having a unique flair in different fields.

They are inspired every day by the culturally-diverse environment that provides them with the competitive edge that employers seek.

Students under Faculty of Fashion Lifestyle and Creativity have previously showcased their work globally; in places such as London, Paris, Osaka, Chengdu, Cambodia, Gaborone, Jakarta and Malaysia.

In 2012, Limkokwingmade Botswana fashion history when its’ Botswana participated in the London Fashion Week for the very first time.

The showcase was held at the Limkokwing London university campus, the first Malaysian, first Asian and first Commonwealth university campus in the UK.

The University’s Vice President and Creative Director of Limkokwing Fashion Club, Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim is excited to be bringing the distinct cultural fashion elements to the runway with her team.

“My team and I are incredibly excited for London Fashion Week, so much that we are spending endless evenings together sketching and making ‘batik’ from scratch, as well as travelling around the world to source materials from our homeland,” she says.

“At the end of the day, it is heart-warming as with every step of the journey, I’m learning more and more about out students’ cultures and diverse range of talents. I can’t wait to see the look on their faces when the day itself arrives and our designs are rocking the runway,” adds Dato’ Tiffanee.

Limkokwing University encouragesitstb students to take part in activities as part of the university’s industry exposure learning approach.

Students learn to develop networking opportunities through exhibitions, events as well as performances

Real fashionistas looking to explore more information on our participation in London’s most exciting fashion week and our exciting fashion and lifestyle programmes should visit us at www.limkokwing.net.