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Hunter’s heat seekers gives away Polo GTI

Hunter’s heat seekers gives away Polo GTI
WINNER: Kepaletswe

Following Distell’s massive Hunter’s Heat Seeker’s party on September 10th of last year that saw them give away nearly 2000 tickets and threatened to revolutionise the night scene in Gaborone, they have contrived to one up themselves.

Distell has now moved to benevolently give away a brand new Polo GTI in their latest Hunter’s Heat Seekers promotion.

The promotion, that ran from the 1st of November till the 31st of December 2016, saw over 30 000 entrants claim their stake for the German made automobile but only one lucky contestant – Mompati Kepaletswe from Molepolole, walked away with the key to the vehicle.

Following his victory at a teeming Cresta Lodge poolside, Mompati emphatically exclaimed; “I have no words to express my gratitude. I am very grateful for this competition. I always knew that God will bless me and I’ll win!”

For large parts of the morning, the 10 finalists who harboured aspirations of winning the car, milled around nervously indulging in the infinite variations of Hunters and finger foods available in abundance.

A lulling silence engulfed the poolside once Distell Trade Marketing Manager, Lekgotla Ntshole, commenced the raffle for the car.

The finalists were presented with 10 Polo GTI keys in a Hunter’s ice bucket and were then tasked with choosing one.

However, only a singular key was real and thus the car could only be opened and operated by one lucky finalist.

Up first to try and unlock the car was Onneile Nthathiwa who was in the competition by virtue of purchasing two Hunter’s Dry six packs at Jumbo Liquor Store.

Hunter’s heat seekers gives away Polo GTI

She was however, evidently dismayed when her key failed to unlock the car.

Next up was Matthews Batshegi who also succumbed to the same fate as Nthathiwa as his key refused to open the car to the obvious pleasure of the remaining finalists.

However, their pleasure was short lived as the third attempt resulted in a blinking of the car’s indicator lights, indicating that Kepaletswe had defied his name to claim ownership of the car.

As the cameras flashed and silver confetti rained from the overcast sky, Kepaletswe rejoiced at his good fortune by warmly embracing his wife who at this point was reduced to tears.