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Grey imports flood Botswana

Grey imports flood Botswana

Largely attributed to affordability, the demand for used vehicles recorded a sharp increase quarter-on-quarter during 2016.

During the second quarter thus from April, May and June of last year, a total of 9 829 used vehicles were imported into the country.

In the quarter under review, thus July, August and September, 10 107 used vehicles found their way into the country.

“Only 2 511 brand new vehicles were imported into the country,” reads part of the recently released Statistics Botswana (SB)’s Transport and Infrastructure Statistics Stats Brief for the quarter under review.

Figures from Statistics Botswana further indicated that 2 565 brand new vehicles were imported into the country during the quarter under review – showing a decline of 54 automobiles when comparing the second quarter.

It is further indicated that only sixteen re-built vehicles found their way into the country during the quarter under review.

In the preceding quarter, figures indicated that 77 vehicles were rebuilt in the country, Statistics Botswana revealed.

“Most of the first registrations done in Q3 2016 were second hand (used) vehicles, constituting 80.0 percent and 19.9 percent were brand new, while 0.1 percent were rebuilt,” the latest figures have indicated.

Indicative figures from Statistics Botswana further noted that of the used vehicles, 89.1 percent were imported from Japan.

Vehicles imported from Japan made 72.2 percent of the total first registrations, reads part of the report.

“Vehicles imported from Japan were followed by those imported from Singapore at 4.4 percent and those from South Africa at 3.9 percent,” Statistics Botswana’s figures indicated in the just released stats briefs.

Some used cars were imported from the United Kingdom (119), United Arab Emirates (8) and Zambia (4) amongst other nations but at very insignificant volumes.

The majority of the brand new vehicles were from South Africa, which was 81.3 percent of the total brand new vehicles and vehicles bought in Botswana followed with 10.9 percent, an indication proving that used cars are suppressing brand new purchases.

The number of first registrations in Gaborone this quarter increased by 3.9 percent from 4 960 vehicles registered for the first time in Q2 2016.

Gaborone registration station was followed by Mogoditshane which recorded 29.1 percent of first registrations.