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Government closes two Junior Schools amid strike fear

Government closes two Junior Schools amid strike fear

Government has closed down two Junior Schools, Ngambao in Seronga and Gowa in Xhauxwi in the Okavango District after students threatened to go on strike if their demands are not met.

Students from the two schools have been complaining of shortage of water and power cuts which they said disturbed their studies.

In a letter written to School Management which The Voice has a copy of, students from Gowa, complained of being forced to draw water from the river.

They complained of the distance which they travel to the river, which they said, puts their lives at risk. “There are crocodiles and hippos at the river and this puts our lives in danger.”

Apart from the wild animals, they said that the situation exposes them to criminals who may rape or even kill them.

The letter further mentions that the situation affected Form 3 students whose practical projects need the use of water.

Adding to their troubles, the students decried perpetual power cuts, which they said, affected their evening studies and threatened that if those problems are not addressed they will be forced to go on strike.

Sensing the tension, government decided to close both schools.

Confirming the closure, the Assistant Minister of Basic Education, Moiseraela Goya said the move was just a temporary measure while they sort out power connections.

“We will re- open next week. Water crisis is also a result of lack of electricity and once it’s sorted then everything will run,” he said.

Botswana Congress Party are today expected to address a press conference on the closure of the two schools.

BCP’s North West District Chairperson Goretetse Kekgonegile will together with Kenny Kapinga address the meeting.