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Brutal attack

Brutal attack

*Three robbers pounce on hotel owner “One of them stabbed me in the eye with a fork and licked off the blood”

The Director of Adansonia Hotel in Maun, Jadish Joshi nearly met his demise when he was brutally attacked by three robbers at his home in Maun recently.

Speaking in a telephone interview with The Voice, the 42- year- old businessman said he was arriving home in Wenela ward from work at around 2115hours when the robbers pounced.

Joshi says he had barely unlocked the main door when one of the robbers grabbed him by the genitals from behind while two others appeared from different directions to force him into the house.

The traumatized businessman told of how the three men demanded money and how they tortured him for about 30 to 45 minutes while moving him from one room to another in search of money and valuables.

Revealing the gory details of the torture that left him unconscious, Joshi said, “They burnt me with a hot iron on my hands and head, assaulted me with my pellet gun all over my body and also tried to cut my ears with a scissor. At some point one of the suspects stabbed me with a fork in the eye and then licked the blood off of the fork and said, ““Look what we can do to you if you don’t give us what we want.”

When he regained consciousness, the robbers had made away with his car keys, an IPhone, wristwatch, gold chain and some cash in USD, Rands and Pulas.

His neighbours took him to the hospital.

District No5 Officer Commanding Senior Superintendent Peter Gochela has confirmed the incident explaining that the three suspects have not yet been apprehended.

Gochela appealed to the public to assist with any information that may lead to their arrest.