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BDP cracks in palapye

BDP cracks in palapye

If you are among those still in shock about BDP’s loss in the Palapye by-elections, then Shaya will break it down for you.

Apparently this was a long time in coming.

Some BDP members in Palapye told Yours truly that the party’s loss should be put squarely on Vice President Masisi and Palapye MP Master Goya.

Shaya learnt that the leaders failed the party by not working together for a common goal.

Apparently those loyal to the MP did not vote in numbers.

Shaya understands that this is the beginning of an ugly battle for control as BDP’s succession plans unravel.

Allegedly the Palapye MP is in Tshekedi Khama’s corner and was not prepared to allow Masisi to have any influence in his constituency, ultimately costing the party a ward.