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A mother’s anguish

A mother's anguish
A mother's anguish

Devastated mother loses one of her triplets

A Kanye mother who recently gave birth to a set of triplets has told of the agony of losing one of the babies to diarrhea.

When they were born two months ago, the boys Tiro, Thebe and their sister Temo, breathed a renewed sense of motherhood into Masegonyane Nkgomotsang’s life.

But with five more elder siblings to feed under a one roomed abode she shares with her mother, the triplets came as something of an additional burden to the poverty stricken mother.

Nkgomotsang’s good natured neighbours were aware of the situation and they notified this publication.

After sharing her story with us last month, The Voice readers reacted to the 32-year-old mother’s situation and selflessly donated toiletries, clothes and food hampers for the babies.

Last week when we visited the family to hand over the donations they told us about little Tumo’s sad passing. She had died a week earlier after failing to adapt to the clinical formula milk.

Still overcome with grief and tears welling up her eyes, Nkgomotsang who is now a mother to her remaining seven children told of how she did all she could to keep her little angel alive.

“Soon after I introduced her to the formula (milk), she had diarrhea until she died two weeks back,” she said

A mother's anguish
GOOD SAMARITAN: The Voice Journalist Onneile Setlalekgosi handing over food donations and clothes

The grieving mother also revealed that the baby’s weight never improved but kept deteriorating due to the diarrhea.

“Her stomach kept swelling and when I took her to the hospital, I was told she was suffering from indigestion and her condition had deteriorated beyond the doctors’ control and she died,” Nkgomotsang said.

The baby girl was customarily buried in an unmarked grave in the family compound.

In the midst of their sorrow, the family joyfully received the donations with granny, Omphile Nkgomotsang profusely thanking all the Good Samaritans who responded to their plight.

Now, with the children’s father still struggling to find gainful employment, Nkgomotsang’s immediate concern is to find a constant supply of food and ample shelter for her brood.

“My husband is unemployed and we survive on the little earnings he gets from his piece jobs. Sometimes he brings some bit of food. Sometimes he doesn’t, but life has to go on,” she says as a matter of fact.

A mother's anguish
HAPPY FAMILY: Masegonyana Nkgomotsang and her children

As part of The Voice corporate social responsibility, the paper bought the family food and mik for the babies.

And a reader, Basetsana Ntshime, who was touched by the story donated nappies and other baby products to the mother.